Next Gen Athlete Education

Next Gen Athlete Education

We deliver your education modules through an interactive platform that allows your athletes to check for understanding against a checklist of key learnings attached to each module. We also provide them the opportunity to ask our team questions directly from the platform and get answers to any of their recruiting questions within twenty-four hours. From your interactions with the module key learning checklists and your questions, we are able to provide you with information to follow-up with your team to close the gap on any step in the process that lacks clarity by your team.

We look forward to helping your team prepare for the recruiting journey and the world of college athletics!

The Recruiting Process Today

Over the past ten years, the college athletic recruiting process has experienced unprecedented change. It’s now more important than ever for young high school athletes and their parents to understand the ins and outs of the process, the role each plays to maximize the opportunity to
earn a scholarship to play the sport they love in college and how the NCAA has put in place rules and regulations to assist athletes and college
coaches follow the process in a consistent and compliant way.

Review the Next Gen Athlete Platform

Recruiting To-Do Checklists

A year-by-year checklist of what athletes should do to prepare, engage & be educated on the recruiting process.

Understanding the Recruiting Calendar

What can college coaches and athletes due during each period of the recruiting calendar & what is the calendar for their sport.

Division I, II & III Recruiting

Similarities & Differences when being recruited at each level of college

The Role of Parents & Coaches in the Process

How can parents best support their athlete & engage properly with their high school and club coaches.

Contact with Coaches

Tips on best engagement with college coaches and how and when college coaches can engage with the athlete.

Official vs Unofficial Visits

Describes the differences of each visit type, how to maximize your time on visits & the importance of follow-up.

Recruiting for High Academic Students

Interest in schools like the Ivy League, Patriot League or other high-academic schools, this
module is for you!

Social Media in Recruiting

How to use, and not use, social media to help get your film out and to interact with college coaches.

Athletic Resumes

How to build and use an effective athletic resume with college coaches.

National Letters of Intent

The ins and outs of the NLI process, how to stay compliant & signing period definitions.