Next Gen Education Platform

Our Education Platform Takes You on Your Journey to Success!

We have learned the hard way working to get our own athletes into DI and DII schools. Our Recruiting Annual Roadmap and Education platform supports your athletes taking each step, every year from 9th through 12th grades. You can start at any time and progress to your success.

  1. We customize the timeline for content delivery to your team. Most coaches pick a new module every 7 days but we can align to any timeline of your choosing.
  2. The list of education modules and order of delivery is listed to show what’s upcoming (our base program currently includes 11 modules).
  3. Your athletes click on the module button and are taken directly to the current module to read. We can tell you what percentage of your athletes are reading each module.
  4. Every module includes a Key Learning Checklist. As buttons are checked (or not checked) we have analytics that can provide to you to show the most and least understood subjects based on your athlete’s replies.
  5. Answers to your athlete’s questions is only a click away with our “Ask Questions” button. Questions come directly to the Next Gen Team with answers guaranteed within 24-hours. We can also summarize all Q&A engagement from your team to help you in follow-up discussions.