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Next Gen Athletes Recruiting Education Program

Over the past two decades, the college athletic recruiting process has experienced unprecedented change. It’s now more important than ever for young high school athletes and their parents to understand the ins and outs of the process, the role each plays to maximize the opportunity to earn a scholarship to play the sport they love in college and how the NCAA has put in place rules and regulations to assist athletes and college coaches follow the process in a consistent and compliant way.

In order to help young athletes and parents understand the process, we have created a series of education modules and deliver them through our interactive learning journey platform. The Next Gen Athletes Education Program includes the following modules:

Our Story

Next Gen has partnered with Scholars to use a proprietary platform that creates an annual journey for our athletes allowing us to drop educational materials, updates & special sport alerts online, with real-time Q&A and engagement monitoring for program and athletic leaders. Since 2020, we have supported over 750 local high school athletes in their dream to playing college athletics.

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Recruiting Educational Content

Recruiting Guides that cover a number of topics including Effective Communication with Coaches, Recruiting Calendar, Official & Unofficial Visits, High Academic Recruiting & The Rules of Recruiting (members get all updated guides as NCAA rules evolve).

Check for Understanding

Each educational modules includes check-in for learning that includes key takeaways from the module & tracks responses for program owners to help reinforce information least understood.

Quarterly Recruiting Bulletins

Quarterly bulletins covering one facet of the recruiting process to include presentation with audience Q&A (launching Q3 2022).

School Presentations

In person recruiting discussions for athletic coaches, staff & parents. How to create a recruiting culture in your school.

Online Q&A

Platform allows for student athletes and their parents to submit questions online with quick turnaround responses from the Next Gen team. We also use the Q&A trends to create new and update current materials to fit the trending questions from our customers.

Engagement Monitoring for Program Owners

Allows School Coaches and Program Owners to monitor the engagement of their players and tailor their recruiting conversations around information least understood or utilized.

Check Out the Next Gen Education Program

Check Out the Next Gen Education Platform