Who We Are


Our mission is to provide college recruiting education and tools to all high school athletes regardless of economic or geographical boundaries. Every high school student willing to work to earn their college education through athletics deserves to have access to the knowledge that will support them in their journey. Founded in 2020 to provide recruiting education content and tools at a low-cost to high school student athletes & their families.

Regardless of ability, many high school athletes dream of playing at the collegiate level.

 Many high school coaches would like to build a culture of recruitment and college placement but don’t have the time or know how.

Answering questions about and providing advice on the recruiting process can consume a large amount of time for the average high school coach.

The recruiting process has many roles to be played. Often these lines are blurred & unknown leaving athletes and their families frustrated & unsure of how to proceed.

 The culmination of the above situations can leave parents and the athletes wondering if there were missed opportunities due to a lack of knowledge…..This doesn’t have to be the case.

Meet Our Founders

Bill Pell


Parker Pell

Co-Founder | Head of Strategy


  • Non-Profit Community Programs serving multiple needs for at-risk youth
  • School Districts, Programs & Schools who have a need without the current inperson resources
  • For profit companies willing to pay the cost of the athlete fee without raising costs to their customers